Alappad Visit Report November 27th 2011

Attended by Sunil and Linda

81 children now sponsored

In this quarter, the meeting was conducted in two sessions:

(1) The meeting of the parents of the newly sponsored children.

(2) The meeting of all the sponsored children.

16 new sponsored children and their parents attended the first meeting. Mr. Sunil Varkey explained about the TED Foundation and the details of the Education Sponsorship project. The parents expressed their gratitude to the founder of the Ted Foundation for help extended to their family.

This meeting was followed by the third quarterly meeting of the sponsored children. It started at 10.30 am with a non religious prayer sung by the sponsored children (in traditional manner) followed by a welcome to all.

Lekshmi and Akash receive their gifts

Lekshmi and Akash receive their gifts

After that, the Christmas gifts from Linda and the special gifts from sponsors were distributed to the children. All the children received a gift pack containing:

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